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Technical Measuring Devices

Besides importing and selling spare parts for Cummins® engines, Aytuglu's second line of business is "Technical Measuring Devices".

Aytuglu sells various measurement devices, especially Laser Infrared Heat Measurement Devices, (Non-Contact Thermometers) from the stock in this field.

Technical measurement device categories sold:
Laser non-touch temperature measuring devices
Infrared thermometers are very useful and affordable devices that provide instant temperature measurement in a wide range of applications.
These devices generally have one-handed use, easy aiming with a laser point, backlit display, ° C / ° F selectivity, and automatic shut-off features.
The use of a non-contact temperature measuring device gives the mechanic a great speed in detecting malfunctions in engines. For example, by measuring the temperature of the exhaust manifold outlet one by one, if there is an outlet with a different temperature, the control can start from that injector. Or it can immediately understand whether it is open or closed without removing the thermostat by measuring the input and output temperature.
It can also be used, for example, to detect if there is a secretion in the shaft of a boat. The temperature of the bearings carrying the shaft is measured one by one. If there is a heating one, then a problem in the shaft axis is detected immediately.
Apart from its benefits during engine maintenance and repair, these heat measuring devices are used in many areas of daily life and provide great practicality.

  1. Laser tachometers
  2. Digital Clamp meter Multimeter
  3. Sound level meters
  4. Light meters
  5. Digital multimeters
  6. Insulation testers
  7. Sound level calibration devices
DT1301 – Işık Ölçme Cihazı (Lüxmetre)
DT2006 Dijital Multimetre
IR88H Lazerli Isı Ölçme Tabancası

DT3347 Pense Ampermetre 1000A
DT8859 Lazerli Isı Ölçme Tabancası
LA1011 Nework Kablo Test Cihazı ve Multimetre

AT8 Lazerli Takometre (Devir Ölçme Tabancası)
DT8823 Lazerli Isi Ölçme Tabancası
DT3351 Pense Ampermetre AC/DC 1500A