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FP Diesel

Proven Technologies for Commercial Engines
With FP Diesel® you get a complete offering of superior, pioneering technologies designed in each spare engine and sealing component and designed to thrive in harsh operating environments.

FP Diesel Engine Kits

From cutting-edge metallurgy inside to special coatings on the outside, FP Diesel components are infused with advanced technologies. The award-winning engineering concepts behind these parts provide problem-solving advantages you can rely on.

FP Diesel's latest innovations address service issues in new and old engine platforms. It is another proof that when you choose FP Diesel, you will get premium quality parts as well as the technology engines required for performance and longevity like new.

Through the DRiV global network of research facilities, FP Diesel develops and tests every new engine repair solution, addresses replacement challenges encountered in rebuilding engines, and in most cases improves on original materials and designs. With FP Diesel, you get a repair solution in the form of reliable technologies designed to meet the unique demands and operating environments of every engine after thousands of hours of operation.

Since the FP company was established we have been distributing FP Diesel brand Cummins spare parts in Turkey.

We have spare parts for many kinds of Cummins engines as FP branded in our stocks. FP Diesel branded spare parts have a very important place and reliability in the world in OEM and aftermarket spare parts for Cummins and many other known diesel engines.

FP Diesel Cummins Spare Parts