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Cummins Generators – Cummins Onan Spare Parts

Established by David W. Onan in 1925, company was incorporated into Cummins in 1992. Today, all Onan Generators, which are preferred in marine, commercial mobile vehicles, homes and portable use, continue to be produced in Cummins' Cummins Power Systems factory in Indiana and Minneapolis with high quality standards.

Cummins Onan power systems show a significant difference when compared to other companies in the world on the same subject. Because Cummins is the only brand that offers all the necessary components to its customers from a single point. Onan generators' designs, control, transfer panels, switch and paralleling systems and support service at every point move Cummins power systems to a different position than other brands.If you want to learn the model of the generator when you need the approved spares, please examine the pictures below regarding the location of the label where you can see the model and serial number of your Onan generator.

Pictures for various Onan Cummins Generator models:

You can ask our company about Cummins Onan spares, you can get an offer for genuine Onan spare parts.

Below is a list of Onan spare parts for various Onan spares for information.


As a company with over 40 years of experience on Cummins engine spare parts; we are happy to assist you in all matters related to Cummins Onan spares.

Cummins Onan spare parts that may be needed include all rectified materials such as piston, piston ring, liner, bearing, bushing, camshaft, crankshaft, valve, gasket, temperature sensor, oil switch, pressure sensor, as well as all rectified materials such as electrical and electronic equipment parts, EFC. we can say fuel control card, diesel pump actuator, speed sensor, magnetic pickup, solenoid coil for diesel pump or Onan belt and Onan filters.

Cummins Onan Yedekleri

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Approaching its 50th year in the market, Aytuğlu has extensive knowledge of Cummins engines. However, it is of great importance to apply to us with the correct part number regarding Onan spares in order to prepare the offers without error.

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