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Temsa Bus Cummins Spare Parts

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Cummins Parts for Temsa Branded Buses - Cummins Turkey Official Dealer

Avenue series Buses, MD9 LE buses and Tourmalin buses and midibuses, which are produced in Temsa's factory in Adana, use Cummins engines. Our company is the official dealer of Cummins Turkey and sells all kinds of Cummins spare parts as Original Cummins from stock. You can safely meet your Cummins spare parts needs for Temsa Buses from Aytuğlu.
Temsa buses named Avenue with Cummins Diesel engine; It is currently produced in Avenue IBUS Bus, Avenue LF Boxed Bus, Avenue LF Bus, Avenue LF CNG Bus. In addition, Temsa MD9LE buses and Temsa Tourmalin bus models also use Cummins Diesel engines.

Our company Aytuğlu diesel has been serving in the market since 1974. You can supply all kinds of Cummins motor parts and Fleetguard branded filters for Temsa Buses, as well as electronic equipment of the Cummins engine, as genuine Cummins.

Temsa Buses, which are widely available in our country, and the Cummins engines they use are as follows. According to this list, you can make your Temsa Bus Cummins parts selection according to the engine model.

Temsa Avenue IBUS Bus:

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinder 280 HP Euro-6, ISB6.7 model Cummins engine

Temsa Avenue Articulated Bus::

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinder 330 HP Euro-6, ISL9 model Cummins engine

Temsa Avenue LF Bus:

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinders, 280 HP, 209 KW Euro-6, ISB6.7 model Cummins engine

Temsa Avenue LF CNG Bus:

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinder 300 HP Euro6, ISLG model Cummins engine

Temsa MD9LE Bus:

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinder 250 HP Euro6, ISB model Cummins engine

Temsa Tourmalin Bus:

Please ask Cummins engine parts with 6 cylinders, 290 HP, Euro5, ISB6.7 model.

You can download and examine the brochures and PDF documents containing technical information about Temsa Avenue Buses with Cummins engines from the links below:
Temsa Avenue CNG
Temsa Avenue LF
Temsa Körüklü
Temsa Avenue I BUS
Temsa Tourmalin
Temsa MD9 LE
You can reach all kinds of information about Temsa Avenue Bus Cummins parts and Original Fleetguard brand filters produced with modern technology by calling our company Aytuglu. When you want to buy Cummins spare parts, our expert sales representative team will assist you.

One of the points to be aware of when ordering Cummins parts is that Cummins engines on different Temsa Avenue buses may use different Cummins engine spare parts depending on the model and year. For this reason, when ordering spare parts for Cummins engines in Temsa Avenue Buses, it is always very useful and necessary to check the engine serial number and the desired part. Otherwise, for example, when a piston with a different compression ratio is installed; Late working, smoky running, high fuel consumption or low performance can be seen on the bus.

To order spare parts for Cummins engines on Temsa Avenue Buses or Temsa Tourmalin Buses or Temsa MD9LE buses, it is enough to look at the label on the engine when you want to determine the engine serial number. The 8-digit number in front of the ESN, “Engine No” or “Engine Serial Number” on the Cummins engine label is the Temsa Bus Cummins engine serial number.

The image below shows a sample Cummins engine decal.
You can also review our shares below regarding the label information of ISB6.7, ISL9, ISC, ISB type Cummins engines and other Cummins engines.
Detailed overview of tag information:

You can contact our sales team for any part you need for these popular Cummins engines with 6.7 or 8.9 liters, particle filter and turbocharged in buses and midibuses.
For example; All grinding materials such as ISL piston kit, ISL ring set, ISL liners, ISL main bearing, ISL connection rod bearing, ISL connecting rod bushing, ISL camshaft bushing, ISL camshafts, ISL crankshaft, ISL valve, ISL upper set gasket, ISL lower gasket. Besides the; ISL belt tensioner, ISL water pump, ISL cylinder head gasket, ISL taped, ISL oil pump, ISL temperature sensor, ISL oil sensor, ISL pressure sensor, ISL speed sensor, ISL injector, EFC electronic fuel control card, ISL diesel pump actuator, electrical and electronic equipment parts such as magnetic pick-up, solenoid valves for diesel pump are also among the items in our stock.

Feel free to bid for your Cummins parts needs in ISL9, ISB6.7, ISB4.5 and other model buses using Cummins engine, see our affordable and advantageous prices.

By using genuine Cummins parts, make sure your bus and vehicle is running at full performance and don't waste time and money on parts that cause problems.

You can click the links below for catalogs, brochures, and technical information videos for Cummins QSB6.7 QSB5.9, QSL9, QSB4.5 and other models:
We are pleased to say that we are ready to assist you with all kinds of knowledge, support, and 50 years of experience in our field, regarding spare parts of ISB6.7 Cummins engines, ISL9 model Cummins engines and ISB5.9 Cummins diesel engines in Temsa Bus and other vehicles.
Since there are a wide variety of models and sub-groups of these models according to the application with Cummins engines, Aytuğlu Cummins sales consultants prepare all offers by checking according to the engine serial number, thus preventing possible errors.
With this electronic parts catalog, which is open to the use of our company, which is the official dealer of Cummins Turkey; your offers are prepared in line with the suggestions of the Cummins factory, with the most up-to-date information.
Note: Since Quickserve is the official site of Cummins, its use is subject to permission.
You can visit the address below for information about Cummins spare parts sold by Aytuğlu Dizel and pictures of Cummins spare parts.


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