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Cummins® Fleetguard Filter is purchased from Aytuglu Diesel

Cummins Fleetguard Filter and other Fleetguard products
continue to be the world leader within Cummins® Filtration.

Cummins Fleetguard Filtre

With its 5500 employees, it maintains its position at the top of the "heavy duty" engine sector both as original equipment and on the aftermarket basis.
The Cummins Fleetguard Filter brand has been a leader in our country for years.
Fleetguard Filter started production in the USA in 1958 and became a brand belonging to Cummins Filtration. It offers high quality and comprehensive solutions to its customers with oil, fuel, water and air filter technologies, exhaust and crankcase ventilation systems, fuel and cooling system additives.


LF777… Success That Comes Step by Step

In 1959, Fleetguard Filter designed a new filter in its laboratories. The new Oil By Pass filter with the code Fleetguard LF750, which was introduced to the market, filled a very important gap in the sector for that day. In the following years, the "spin on" By Pass Filter technology, which was designed and also called atomic filter, replaced these bucket filters.
The Fleetguard LF777 By Pass Filter, which is quite common in Cummins Diesel engines even today, was introduced to the market in 1979. These two filters are just two of the Fleetguard filter company's 500 patented products.

Some of the products that the Fleetguard filter group has brought to the sector in various years with its innovative technology and has patents on a global basis:

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Fleetguard filter brand has been a preferred and sought-after brand for years with its OE quality in “Heavy Duty” Heavy Duty Engines such as generators, construction equipment and marine industries.

Common uses of Fleetguard filter and Fleetguard products can be listed as follows:

  • In Railway, Locomotives
  • In heavy duty vehicles
  • Medium power trucks and vehicles
  • In highway bus companies
  • In mining
  • In Maritime Services
  • In the agricultural sector
  • In construction services
  • In the oil and gas industry
  • Light duty vehicles - In Automotive
  • In generator and power systems
  • In industry
  • In road transport
Because the Fleetguard filter is original equipment for Cummins engines, it is the premium filter of choice for the vast majority of Cummins Diesel engine owners. Fleetguard filters produced in Cummins' filter factories have been preferred for years with confidence.

Cummins Filtration, which opened a factory in Izmir in 2012, is located in the Aegean Free Zone. (Currently, production is not continuing.)

Some of the Fleetguard Filter part numbers commonly used in Cummins engines are:
LF500, LF750, LF512, LF613, LF670, LF777, LF3000, LF3325, LF3349, LF9001, LF9009, LF9050, LF9070, FF105, FF105D, FF108, FF185, FF202, FF5018, FS1000, FS1006, FS1212, FS1280, WF2072, WF2074, WF2075, WF2076, AF872M, AH1135, AH1185…
When you buy an original Fleetguard filter, the filter is protected from the day of purchase with the highest level of warranty coverage, which is not restricted, but fully comprehensive. Fleetguard Filter is in the best position in the sector with this feature.

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One of the issues to be focused on is the imitation products that are not original, but similar in appearance to Fleetguard filters. The users should be very careful about this issue and as a precaution; they should meet their needs only from the companies they trust.


Examples of fake (counterfeit) Fleetguard filters

We share some pictures about fake Fleetguard filters with you. When examined, there is no need to make an explanation about the problems it will cause in the engine!

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