Cummins® Engines

These engines are selected from Cummins®’ wide range product line for reference purposes only. For more information about Cummins® engines,
please visit Cummins® Engines website.

4BT 3.9 Motor
6BT 5.9 Motor
6CT 8.3 Motor
ISB 5.9 Motor
ISB 6.7 Motor
ISC Motor
ISL Motor
ISM Motor
KT-50 Motor
KT19 Motor
KT38 Motor
LT10 Motor
QSM11 Motor
N14 Motor
NTA 855 Motor
QSB 3.3 Motor
QSB 4.5 Motor
QSB 5.9 Motor
QSB 6.7 Motor
QSC 8.3 Motor
QSK 19 Motor
QSK 23 Motor
QSK 60 Motor
QSL 9 Motor
QSM 11 Motor
QST 30 Motor
QSX 15 Motor
VTA 28 Motor
VT 903 Motor
We are waiting for your orders for any Cummins® Diesel engine spare parts, starting from 31 Hp to 5000 Hp with a 40 years experience in the business.
We are ready to respond all your requests for any Cummins® engine parts, ranging from 31HP to 5000HP with 40 years depth of experience in the business.