Cummins – 4BT 3.9

Post_4BT3.9The Cummins® spare part groups we import and hold in the inventory
can be seen on the list below;

Connection road, piston, ring set, liner, cylinder kit, gasket, intake and exhaust valve, crankshaft, camshaft, turbocharger, water pump, lubrication oil pump, main bearing, rod bearing, connecting rod bushing, cam bushing, cylinder head, engine block, oil pan, fan parts, pulleys, flywheel , front gear cover, rear cover, gear cover, valve cover, valve tappet, vibration damper, gear, oil seal, manifold, air compressor, thermostat, fuel solenoid, fuel transfer pump, injectors, cup, barrel and plunger, starting motor, alternator, rocker lever parts, oil cooler, aftercooler, intercooler,  electric switch, stop alarm switch, switch pressure, transducer, sensor pressure, sensor temperature, sensor position, electric fuel actuator, EFC card,  ECM engine control module, upper engine gasket set, lower engine gasket set, clamp, filter, belt.
To speed up the process, and to get the correct parts please inform us the engine serial number ESN or CPL number, while asking parts.

Cummins® 4BT 3.9 Technical Drawing: